Visit the Snug Lighthouse. Gilly's Snug Harbour Marine offers roundtrip water taxi tours.

When are you open?

Weekends only (Fridays–Saturdays–Sundays) from Friday, May 12 to Sunday, June 11, 2023.

We are open on Victoria Day Monday, May 22, 2023.

Daily We are open from 11:30am - 7:30pm daily starting Friday, June 16 until and including Labour Day Monday, September 4, 2023.

Weekends only After Labour Day we will be open Friday to Sunday from 11:30am-7:30pm through to Thanksgiving Weekend, including Thanksgiving Monday, October 9, 2023.

The marina remains open, including parking boat launch and boat storage. Fresh, Frozen and smoked fish is still available, but please call ahead.

Where does the fish that you sell come from?

Most of the fish we serve at Gilly's  (Pickerel, Whitefish, Perch and Lake Trout) come from the waters of The Great Lakes.

Do you take reservations?

Yes we take reservations, please visit our website for availability. We currently accept reservations for half of our capacity and reserve the other half for walk-ins so you can satisfy those spontanious cravings or celebrate those special moments!

Do you offer takeout? 

We offer takeout same day. Please visit our website to order. Takeout is limited and the time slots fill up fast. We also offer smoked fish, ice cream, treats, snacks, groceries and hot coffee or tea to go in our Snug Shop!

Do you offer boat taxi services? 

Why yes we do and are quite excited to take you on our new Gilly's Taxi Boat!

Do you have parking?

Sure do! Daily, and weekly rates. Inquire in The Snug Shop!

What is in your Snug Shop?

What isn't in our Snug Shop?! Kawartha Ice Cream Cones with a wide range of flavours. Pluck Tea and Propeller Coffee to go. Baked treats, smoked fish, groceries, snacks, candy and last minute "I forgot my toothbrush" or "those mosquitos are out to get me" items.  Our Snug Shop is also full of beautiful mementos and gift items made by many local and Canadian companies and artisans.  Our clothing is all made in Canada and printed/embroidered in Parry Sound. 

Do you have boat rentals?

Yes we have some new lovely canoes available for rent!

How do you say 'Gilly'?

Easy! It starts with a hard 'g' and rhymes with silly! It's pronounced 'gill-ee'.

What was Gilly’s before it was Gilly’s?

Prior to 2001, it was called Snugle In Restaurant and before that it was a store and marina only.

What is the weather like in Snug?

It is always sunny in Snug! But if in doubt, consult the weather stone...

The weather stone at Snug Harbour marina and store on Georgian Bay.

Are you open for breakfast?

Absolutely not, unless you eat your breakfast at noon, and understand that regardless of what you call it, it's still actually lunch. 

Do you host weddings?

We love hosting weddings!

Are you open holiday Mondays?

Yes! The restaurant will be open on Holiday Mondays through the Summer.

What is your season?

Starting Thursday, June 17th we are open 7 days a week until and including Labour Day Monday. After Labour Day we will be open Friday to Sunday from 11:30am-7:30pm through to Thanksgiving Weekend, including Thanksgiving Monday, October 11th.

How do we get to the Snug Harbour Lighthouse?

You can paddle, boat, or swim - choose wisely! We offer roundtrip watertaxi service to the lighthouse, book your time here.

What are the water levels like?

It is a good depth for visiting boats.

When can we hear music on the deck?

When summer holidays are here, the weather is right, and when musicians can make it! Please call us if you are interested in playing… We love to hear and share local talent! Due to Covid restrictions, we are following guidelines and will offer music when we are permitted.

Are you close to Killbear Provincial Park?

Practically neighbors!

What is something I should see when visiting Snug Harbour?

Besides us? The stunning Snug Harbour Sunsets are incredible. Franklin Island is one of the most popular destinations for camping, kayak and canoe trips! Snug Harbour lighthouse, Red Rock lighthouse, Killbear provincial park has amazing hiking trails, a nature centre and beautiful beaches. 

Do you sell ice and firewood?